Our Slimline products are some of the most exciting and innovative natural stone products available today. With an average thickness of just 2mm, these unique sheets of natural stone can transform any mundane surface into an exciting and eye-catching showcase. Slimline is perfectly suited for interior and exterior application in commercial or residential spaces.

Scroll through the gallery below to view some projects with our Slimline Collection.

  • Amazon Quartzitic Slate

  • Amazon 2 Quartzitic Slate

  • Copper Gold Quartzitic

  • Copper Gold Stackstone Quartzitic Slate

  • Damascus Green Quartzitic Slate

  • Damascus Green Stackstone Quartzitic Slate

  • Desert Black Slate

  • Desert Black Stackstone Slate

  • Harrapa Gold Slate

  • Harrapa Gold Stackstone Slate

  • Macedonian Slate

  • Macedonian 2 Slate

  • Macedonian Stackstone Slate

  • Metal Frost Quartzite

  • Metal Frost 2 Quartzite

  • Metal Frost Stacktone Quartzite

  • Mystic Quartzite

  • Niagra Quartzitic Slate

  • Niagra 2 Quartzitic Slate

  • Platinum Stackstone Slate

  • Portland Stackstone Limestone

  • Spice Craft Slate

  • French Press Limestone