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Custom Original & Restoration Stone Work

  • Franklin Collection

    The Franklin Collection is comprised of beautiful natural stones from the Northeast. Matching accessories and unique textures make it an appealing choice for home façades and outdoor living spaces.

  • Jefferson Collection

    The natural stones in our Jefferson Collection are quarried almost exclusively from the Adirondack Mountains and the Lake George area. Stone from this region brings an authentic color palette to any project.

  • Hamilton Collection

    The Hamilton Collection is a mix of natural stone that utilizes earthy greys and tans and combines them into popular combinations. It is widely used in interior design as well as residential façades.

New England Charm

Old Yankee Ledge Wall

Natural hand-picked field stone from Connecticut, the Old Yankee Ledge Wall has colors ranging in the browns, peach, grays and tans with natural lichens with aged patina. Textures are rough and granular. A spectacular feature for your project.

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Stone Patterns

Our designer collections are available in these cuts


When considering a mosaic pattern, it’s important to understand that the pieces of stone you receive will range in size and shape. Since no two stones will be the same, your project will have a unique pattern nearly impossible to duplicate.


The cut of this stone will vary. A typical Ashlar pattern consists of Strip, Ledgestone, and small Squares.

Squares & Recs

This pattern gives a more structured look to a project. These stones are manufactured and shipped in a roughly square and rectangular shape. This gives the mason the ability to create straight edges for a clean look that can be repeated in a specific pattern.


This cut is often used for smaller projects such as fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, kitchen backsplashes, or small columns, and displays the “end grain” of the stone, not the face.

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With experience, craftsmanship and technology, Revolution Stone cuts locally-quarried stone into thin veneer for a multitude of applications.

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Building Façades • Outdoor Living Spaces & Kitchens • Landscape Walls • Fireplaces • Chimneys • Interior Walls • Foundation Coverings

Our stone is cut on precise machinery to give your stone walls a uniform yet textured appearance. Services that include on-site shop drawings and architectural accessories to complement your project help to ensure that your job is visually appealing. Start by choosing a blend from one of our 3 designer collections and a cut (mosaic, squares and recs, ashlar or ledge), and see how beautiful, durable natural stone veneer can transform your home into an inspiring, inviting space.

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