About Revolution Stone

Your Vision, Uncompromised.

Revolution Stone brings the beauty of natural stone to your modern construction and restoration projects.

State of the Art Facilities; Endless Possibilities


Whether adding substance and grace to new constructions or matching the historic imprint of a landmark structure, Revolution Stone’s precision cut, natural stone will help you realize your vision. Why compromise with an imitation product, when you can have the genuine article?

Our Revolution Stone facility boasts state of the art stone cutting machines from around the world, operated with a passion for our craft with over 120 years of collective stone experience. On-site shop drawings and architectural accessories help ensure that your job is visually and structurally perfect. Our fabrication division is comprised of some of the best-skilled stone finishers in the business, keeping watch over every detail.

Our work is a journey of discovery. We do not create this beauty; we find it in nature, shape it and transform it – bringing your vision to life.

Transforming Stone to your exact specifications

Natural Beauty Meets Precision Craftsmanship

Custom Original & Restoration Work

Our stone cutting studio is a state of the art facility where we bring raw quarry stone in and transform it to your exact specification. Whether matching historic structural or decorative stonework, or bringing to life the most intricate drafted design element for your new construction – Revolution Stone has the technology to bring your work to life.

Multiple CNC technology machines run by CAD/CAM software allows us to import your exact measurements and create a drawing of what will be made out of stone. Our CNC capabilities include straight line profiling saws, a 3 Axis fabrication center, and a 5 Axis CNC saw.

If you have the idea we can produce it – including intricate profiles on sills, water tables, hearths, mantles, lintels, column caps and coping.

Behind the Scenes

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